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Saturday, December 10, 2016

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Denizli Training Needs Assessment

Denizli Training Needs Assessment

Training Needs Assessment in the scope of "The Building Capacity For EU Affairs In The Governorates Project" (VAB PRO) was completed in Denizli between the 15-16th of May 2013. In an attempt to determine the primary training needs of Denizli province with regard to EU subjects, a set of interviews, briefings and focus group meetings were carried out by the experts from the Ministry of EU Affairs and the Technical Assistance Team.

Training Needs Assessment started with an interview conducted with the Mr. Ekrem BUYUKATA, Deputy Governor and EU permanent contact point of Denizli Province, and followed by the interviews conducted with Mrs. Nilgun OK, Deputy Mayor of Denizli Municipality, Mr. Adem OKLU, Secretary General of Province Special Administration, Mr. Yusuf ESGİN, Deputy Secretary General of GEKA, Mrs. Zeren Gerelioğlu, Secretary General of Chamber of Industry and Mr. Hasan KAPLAN, Deputy President of Pamukkale University.

Focus group meeting section of the Training Needs Assessment involved exchange of opinions over the current state and training needs of Denizli as well as provincial directorates and non-governmental organizations with regard to EU related subjects.

Following the completion of Training Needs Assessments in other provinces, Work Plan for The Capacity Building Activities will be created for 20 provinces accordingly with the needs that will steer the future project activities.

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